Microsoft Sans Serif

(October 13, 2012)

So I've found a bug in Microsoft Sans Serif. It affects the character U+2661, "White Heart Suit." It should, of course, look like a heart.

But with Microsoft Sans Serif, it doesn't.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to fix it...


(March 10, 2012)

My website has changed! It's a miracle!

But enough about that, let's try to work around some bugs in AppLocale.

Here's the fix for RPG_RT.exe: at 0xC5FA replace "E8 8D 99 FF FF" with "B8 11 04 00 00". Note that this only applies to 2003; 2000 works with no modification.

There's no fix for (Wolf RPG Editor) Game.exe yet.

Here's the info I need to make these work without hex editing executables.

KERNEL32.DLL GetThreadLocale - incorrect return value, breaks RPG_RT.EXE

GDI32.DLL GdiGetCurrentCodepage - incorrect return value, probably breaks lots of things